Required documents at the time of registration

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By the set registration date, candidates to studies in the English language are obliged to deliver the following documents to the MUG Admissions Office or the official representative (recruitment agency) before the registration deadline:

  1. generated in the MUG electronic recruitment system Application Forms in English and Polish. Candidate fills in appliciation in English on-line, downloads both versions from the on-line registration system (the Polish version is automatically translated, and both versions are present under the “Printouts” button), prints, and signes them.
  2. certified high school diploma or the equivalent thereof (the document should be appended with an Apostille, if issued by an institution operating in a country being a party to the Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents, drawn in the Hague on 5 October 1961 (Journal of Laws 2005: No. 112, it. 938), or consular legalisation in all other cases) appended with the transcript of records and the valid grading scale.
  3. if the said document is produced in any language other than Polish or English – the translation of the certificate into the English language, produced by a certified translator,
  4. declaration assuring that the high school diploma held entitles to apply for admission to any type of an institution of higher education in the country of its issue – in the event there is no statement to that effect on the certificate itself;
  5. certificate confirming the command of the English language at the level enabling the taking up of studies at the higher education level (at least B2 – for details check admission criteria specyfic for particular study field);
  6. photocopy of the valid passport;
  7. in the event the country of issue of the certificate entitling to apply for admission to studies in the field the candidate applies for requires submission of the results of an additional state examination, the candidate is obliged to submit the document attesting the results of that examination and its translation to the Polish language produced by a certified translator or its translation certified by the consul of the Republic of Poland.
  8. persons who are under 18 years of age on the day of registration, register for studies only after prior consent of their parents / legal guardians. The following completed documents must be attached to the recruitment documents during registration:
    Power_of_Attornye.pdf (439 KB)
    Consent_of_the_statutory_representative.pdf (434 KB)

    Satisfaction of the above requirements guarantees acceptance of the candidature to the specific field of studies and is indispensable for the candidate to be admitted to further stages in the qualification procedure, described in the detailed in here. The candidate shall be fully responsible for failing to enter any data, or for entering incomplete, or incorrect, or false data, and for the consequences stemming therefrom and the decisions made by the commission.