Information about transfer for international students


Deans’ Office of Medical Faculty kindly informs, that transfers of students from another University to Medical University of Gdańsk are possible only on the beginning of academic year (fall intake) after completing the previous year. Only students with the status active student may apply for transfer. There is no possibility to transfer during the academic year. Students who are willing to transfer to Medical University of Gdansk, are obliged to present a full admission package before the 14th of August 2020.

Admission package consists of:

  • signed application form (printed from the electronic candidate database available at:

  • official letter to the Dean of Medical Faculty at MUG, Prof. Maria Dudziak in which student will ask for a possibility to transfer – please mention year to which you would like to transfer, explain reasons.

  • admission results with the criteria ( it needs to contain information about points gathered during admission process on base of delivered documents)

  • transcript with all grades after each academic year

  • syllabus of every subject, content of the course plus number of hours

  • confirmation of summer internship after each year

  • certified copies of secondary school transcripts

  • index/certification with confirmation of student status

Student willing to transfer is obliged to fulfill admission criteria at MUG for the year when s(he) started studies at current university. All requested documents must be prepared in ENGLISH and certified by school/University official / sworn translator or public notary.

Admission package must be complete, MUG does not accept partial transcripts. After receiving a full set, decision of the Dean will be sent to Your home address during summer, so please don’t forget to write correct address.

Documents has to be delivered on address:

Dziekanat Wydziału Lekarskiego Dział ds. Studenckich

ul. Aleja Zwycięstwa 41-42

80-210 Gdańsk, POLAND

Deadline for delivering mentioned documents is 14.08.2020.

Application delivered after this date will not be considered as possible candidate for transfer.

There is no possibility to transfer to any year during academic year. Candidates interested please contact the Deans’ Office of Medical Faculty during the spring time – specific year.

According with § 11 point 1 Study Rules and Regulation of MUG dated 23.04.2018 „Subject to approval from the respective Deans, the student may obtain transfer to the University from any other institution of higher education. The transferred student must meet the admission criteria valid at the University and is obliged to make up for any discrepancies in the programmes of study. The terms, deadlines, and forms in which the student shall be required to make up for any such discrepancies are determined by the Dean.”

For more detailed questions regarding individual years, please contact the following email address: