Recruitment procedure


Candidates from around the world have an opportunity to apply for the 6-year Doctor of Medicine programm (M.D.) at English Division at the Medical University of Gdańsk.

Candidates have to be at least High School graduates and hold High School Diploma with grades in biology and one selected subject from: chemistry, physics and mathematics. Candidates are obliged to take an entrance exam in biology and chemistry at the High School level which is organized by the University. Entrance exam consists of written part (MCQ test) and oral part (topics, example questions). It will take a place either at Medical University of Gdańsk on end of July/beginning of August 2019 or at the selected location co-organized by official MUG recruitment partners. The Admission Committee selects the candidates on the basis of their final scores from entrance exam, scores from High School Diploma in biology and chemistry and optional score from an additional oral examination (Admission Committee’s decision).

Candidates the have the possibility to apply via University Admissions Office ( or one of the following recruitment companies depending on citizenship: