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Written part of the exam

The written part of the exam is conducted for group of candidets and supervised. Estimate time for exam is 2 hours (registrations, introduction plus 90 minutes to solve the questions).
Manual for MUG entrance exam 2024


Biology: Cells, structure and function, cell divisions. Prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. Mendel’s laws, segregation and independent assortment. Alleles, homozygotes, heterozygotes. Genotype and phenotype. Molecular basis of heredity. DNA, replication, genetic code. RNA. Protein synthesis. Reproduction and development. External and internal fertilisation; cleavage, blastula formation, gastrulation, neurulation. Structure and function of the human body.

Chemistry: International system of units. Matter and properties. Elements, compounds and mixtures. Periodic Table. Isotopes. Symbols and formulas. Chemical equations. Atoms, molecules and moles. Mass unit. Laws of chemical combination. Avogadro’s number and the mole. Ideal Gas Laws. Writing empirical and structural formulas – acids, bases and salts. Balancing chemical reactions. Calculations based on chemical equations. Stoichiometry. Molar and normal concentration – calculations. Ionisation reactions, reactions between ions. Oxidation number. Redox reactions – balancing. Alkanes naming, structural isomers, reactions. Alkynes. Aromatic compounds. Benzene, nitration. Ortho, meta, para-isomerism. Alcohols, reactions, oxidation. Phenols. Aldehydes and ketones. Carboxylic acids, derivates – esters and amides. Carbohydrates – fructose, glucose, sucrose. Lipids. Fatty acids. Triglycerides – formation and hydrolysis. Proteins, nucleic acids – general view.

During the written part of the exam candidates are allowed use calculators, but there are some restrictionsCalculator policy

Important information – We recommend using a desktop computer or laptop with the ZOOMus application installed for the written part of the exam. Some types of devices require special settings to simultaneously enable the transmission of the camera image (exam participant’s image) and the desktop image. In our experience, especially Ipads and Iphones. Please check at least one day before the exam if your device allows simultaneous transmission of information from the camera and the desktop.

Electronegativity Table (37 KB)

Galvanic (Electropotential) Series (12.2 KB)

Periodic Table of Elements (201 KB)

Solubility Chart (20.8 KB)

Aminoacids (204 KB)



The guidelines on interview include, the following:
• interview to be administered online follow the same procedures as for face-to-face oral exams. Estimate time for interview 20 minutes per candidate;
• the interview will be entirely conducted online via live streaming on Zoom, Please note: it will not be possible to request support from the University’s IT Helpdesk – candidate has to check prior to the exam if her/his system works;
• interview is conducted via ZOOM with the Admission Committee members (if interview is conducted at the same day as written part link to the ZOOM meeting for interview is the same, if interview is at the different day link to the ZOOM meeting will be provided after confimation by candidate proposed date of interview);
• for the quality control interview may be recorded;
• when taking an interview, candidate will need to show your face and a valid ID document in order to be correctly identified;


• if it is not possible to carry out the examination due to absolute lack of connection or low bandwidth, or if the internet connection is lost regardless of the time of the interruption, the interview will be repeated;
• if the candidate is caught cheating, the interview will be cancelled;
• if the student’s workstation is abandoned before the end of the examination, regardless of the time of the interruption, the exam will be cancelled;
• if other people are present and/or interact with the student, the exam will be cancelled;
• candidate will be informed of the mark obtained.

Exam dates and Organizers