5,5-year Master of Pharmacy

StartENTRANCE EXAMS5,5-year Master of Pharmacy

In the qualifying procedure, candidates for uniform master’s studies in pharmacy with the course of study in English may receive the maximum number of points:
1) for the results on the matriculation certificate max. 60 points (for each of the 2 subjects required in the qualification procedure, a maximum of 30 points);
2) assessment of the interview max. 40 points (min. 24 points required), including:
a) The scope of chemistry and biology (in the field of high school studies) – (max. 20 points, minimum 12 points required),
b) Soft skills and motivation to study – (max. 20 points, minimum 12 points required).


The guidelines on interview include, the following:
• interview to be administered online follow the same procedures as for face-to-face oral exams. Estimate time for interview 20 minutes per candidate;
• the interview will be entirely conducted online via live streaming on Zoom, Please note: it will not be possible to request support from the University’s IT Helpdesk – candidate has to check prior to the exam if her/his system works;
• interview is conducted via ZOOM with one of the Admission Committee member (link to the ZOOM meeting will be provided after confimation by candidate proposed date of interview);
• for the quality control interview may be recorded;
• when taking an interview, candidate will need to show your face and a valid ID document in order to be correctly identified;


• if it is not possible to carry out the examination due to absolute lack of connection or low bandwidth, or if the internet connection is lost regardless of the time of the interruption, the interview will be repeated;
• if the candidate is caught cheating, the interview will be cancelled;
• if the student’s workstation is abandoned before the end of the examination, regardless of the time of the interruption, the exam will be cancelled;
• if other people are present and/or interact with the student, the exam will be cancelled;
• candidate will be informed of the mark obtained.

Interview dates and Organizers

  • MUG Admissions Office ON-LINE
    The dates of interview conducted in the form of on-line meetings (in the period from March to July) are set directly with candidates who submit a set of electronic documents and meet the formal conditions for recruitment.