5,5-year Master of Pharmacy

StartENTRANCE EXAMS5,5-year Master of Pharmacy

In the qualifying procedure, candidates for uniform master’s studies in pharmacy with the course of study in English may receive the maximum number of points:
1) for the results on the matriculation certificate max. 60 points (for each of the 2 subjects required in the qualification procedure, a maximum of 30 points);
2) assessment of the interview max. 40 points (min. 24 points required), including:
a) The scope of chemistry and biology (in the field of high school studies) – (max. 20 points, minimum 12 points required),
b) Soft skills and motivation to study – (max. 20 points, minimum 12 points required).


The interview is individual (candidate and MUG Admision Committee ). Estimate time for interview 20 minutes per candidate.

Interview dates and Organizers

  • MUG Admissions Office ON-LINE
    The dates of interview conducted in the form of on-line meetings (in the period from March to July) are set directly with candidates who submit a set of electronic documents and meet the formal conditions for recruitment.