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StartScore Calculation Other countries

OTHER COUNTRIES In the event that the candidate presents a secondary school leaving certificate from a country not included in the following list, the Faculty Admissions Committee will count the points according to the scale / system the most similar. e.g.

Bangladesh- Percentage scale

Certificates from Bangladesh requires nostrification in Poland

Pakistan- Percentage scale

Certificates from Pakistan requires nostrification in Poland

UAE – Amercian program
UAE – UK program
UAE – Percentage scale

Certificates from UAE requires nostrification in Poland

In doubtful situations, Faculty Admissions Committee will use available sources of knowledge about school systems:

- NAWA (Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange)

If the candidate presents a certificate of predicted grades issued by the educational institution in which he/she completes the last year of secondary education, MUG’s recruitment points will be calculated for each subject so that the candidate can take the written entrance exam.
The final score will be calculated upon delivery of authenticated (apostille, consular authentication) documents with final assessments. Only then will it be possible to issue the final admission decision.
Changing the points will no longer be possible if the deadline for submission of relevant documents with final grades is after completing the admission limit for a given field of study and after publishing the list of accepted candidates.