The results obtained by the candidate with a high school diploma from Canada will be converted as follows. The results obtained at the High School Diploma from grade 12 are considered equivalent to the high school final exams at the advanced level.

    A candidate with a secondary school leaving certificate from Canada applying for admission to study in English at the time of registration is required:
    STEP I: Register on-line in the candidates database:
    STEP II: Choose the program of study
    STEP III: Submit on-line the application form with all other documents.
    - secondary school-leaving certificate High School Diploma with Secondary School Record – Transcript for conversion of grades into recruitment points.

    The results obtained as part of the secondary school graduation certificate High School Diploma (expressed as a percentage scale) are converted into points by the Faculty Admissions Committee according to the table.

    Equivalent to Polish New High Schol Diploma (Matura) High School Diploma

    Original document rating scale MUG's recruitment points

    Continuous scale 0-100%

    conversion starts from 50%
    conversion = [percentage] x 0.3 (from 30-15 MUG's recruitment points)

    The certificates from Canada do not require recognition by the Education Superintendent in Poland.
    Recruitment points separatly for each subject will be entered into the ERK system by employees of the MUG Recruitment Department.

    A person with a high school diploma from Canada does not need to provide any additional English language certification.
    *STEP IV*: Submit the application form with all other documents to the University Admissions Office ot to the proper recruitment company.
    After the acceptance an oryginal HSD with Apostille or consular authorisation.
    *STEP V*: After acceptance
    Transfer payment for Orientation Week fee and Course fee goes to your individual account number (given at the top of your application form). Document with the condition of acceptance and deadline of payment will be present in the candidates database - application form - "Printouts"