Orientation Week

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Obligatory, special week of orientation activities for first-year medical, pharmacy and nursing students starting their studies in the academic year 2023/24 will be organized from 25th of September 2023 to 29th September 2023, and is culminating in Matriculation Ceremony. A number of activities have been designed to introduce students to medical school realities and to formally induct new students into the profession of medicine, pharmacy and nursing. Major activities include:

  • Welcome and Overview
  • “Sharing Our Identities”
  • Polish language course
  • Matriculation Ceremony
  • Social Events
  • Student Resources
  • Stress Management/Mental Health

Arrangements are ongoing on the form of Orientation Week (face-to-face/hybrid/on-line meetings)

Fee for the one-week orientation programme is PLN 3,000.

Welcome and Overview

The Tutors (Student Advisers) of the first year meet with first-year class to present an overview of the school’s history, philosophy, and curriculum, pass/fail system, transitioning to the volume and pace of medical school, student advising and counseling, and a detailed description of MUG unique basic science and clinical curriculum. Students have an opportunity to meet MUG authorities, especially those responsible for students affairs. The overview concludes with a question and answer session. Students are brought together to hear an overview of the class demographics and to meet their peers who are taking them for tour. During this tour the newly admitted students are going to know the location of the main campus buildings.

Sharing our Identities – Medical Faculty of MUG

This joint session gathers together the student leaders of the academic, volunteer and social interest groups (e.g. English Division Student Council, Phi Delta Epsilon – Gdańsk, Association of Norwegian Students Abroad Gdańsk, Medicine Studerandes Förbund Gdańsk, The Student Scientific Society, The Erasmus Student Network, The Academic Sport Association), that are open to first year students. The student leaders provide literature and answer questions about the activities. First-year students can then join the varied intramural social clubs. Separate orientation activities organized and conducted by individual groups continue thereafter.

Education Support/Library Internet-Based Information Resources

The Computer Education Center and Main Library staff provide students with a comprehensive review of internal computer academic network (EXTRANET) and library resources. Students are given passwords and introduced to the MUG website that serves as the main source of curricular materials and student announcements. Students are given a tour of the library and provided with information to successfully access library texts and online materials. This initial session is followed-up by a o-line library training scheduled during the first semester of medical school.

Polish Language Course

This course gives new admitted students a basic knowledge of Polish language which is necessary in everyday life. During the course participants will practice speaking and writing skills. It helps participants to communicate effectively and to create relationships.

Matriculation Ceremony

The Matriculation Ceremony is a symbolic induction into the community of Medical University of Gdańsk. Matriculation Ceremony was created to be a ‘solemn and celebratory’ ceremony, mirroring graduation in format and significance. During this ceremony the main themes of future studies: service to others, professionalism, altruism, humanism, and balance are emphasized by Authorities of Medical University of Gdansk. Also present during this ceremony second-year students welcome their new colleagues into the profession of medicine. The Matriculation Ceremony is open for Families and Friends of first-year medical students.

Social Events

Social activities include a welcome party for students. Additional activities are organized and conducted by the second-year students

Student Resources

Students attend sessions devoted to the services available to them and essential to their medical school experience. They receive general information on Public Safety and the Student Health Plan.

Stress Managment/Mental Health

Recognizing that students must maintain their mental health in order to be successful, the last official component of the orientation week is a session devoted to anticipating the stresses inherent to pursuing a career in medicine. A healthy diet, sufficient sleep, regular exercise and recreation are reinforced as essential components for students to include along with study time, in order to maintain equilibrium and innate humanistic qualities. Students are provided with a number of behavioral techniques, such as guided imagery and deep breathing exercises, as tools to be proactive in maintaining emotional well-being and preventing unhealthy responses to stress. For those who need additional professional guidance, the methods of accessing the mental health professionals available to students are discussed. Also testimony and some practical hints will be given by the former students.