Registration process for candidates for studies at Medical University of Gdańsk run in several stages:

Detailed information is available below

STAGE I: Register on-line in the candidate database.

    the link will be launched on March 15th 2024

  2. Click blue link: Register new account

  3. Fill in obligatory fields in the application form, which will be visible on computer screen.

  4. During registration, pay attention to the correct spelling of your private e-mail address.

  5. Remember your login and password.

  6. Log in your private e-mail box. Read the information from University Admissions Office and click the link confirming your private e-mail address correctness.

STAGE II: Submit on-line the application form with all other documents.

After registration on website:

Click blue link: submit the application form

  • Step 1: Fill in the application form

    Fill in the application form fields and next check the correctness of the data. Personal data (e.g. Names, Surname, DOB must be written in the same way as in the passport).

  • Step 2: Check the data and save the application form in database

    If some information needs to be improved click the key correct. If all information is correct click the key save. After saving the application form no further changes are possible.

  • Step 3: Print and sign the filled application form, next submit it with the necessary documents to the University Admissions Office or to proper recruitment company.

    To speed up the registration process, please attach the electronic versions (in pdf file format) of the required documents: a high school diploma with transcript of marks, a copy of the passport, a certificate of language proficiency.
Once you have registered in the candidate database, using your login and password, you can:
  • check on-line if your documents have already reached University Admissions Office
  • add recent relevant documents
  • check the status of your application
  • check current announcements for candidates

STAGE III: Submit the application form with all other documents to the University Admissions Office or to the proper recruitment company.

STAGE IV: After acceptance

The persons included in the list of candidates qualified for studying are obliged to deliver the following documents to the Admissions Office by the set date notified to them via their individual accounts:
1) a slip confirming the payment of the fee for a Orientation-week and tuition fee on your individual account numer (given at the top of your application form). Document with the condition of acceptance and deadline of payment will be present in the candidate database – application form “Printouts”
2) a signed copy of the Catalog of Payment;
3) the European Health Insurance Card or document certifying:
a) possession of a health insurance policy covering the period of studies in Poland, or
b) inclusion in the universal health insurance scheme as construed in the Act on Health Care Services Financed from Public Funds of 27 August 2004 (Journal of Laws 2018: it. 1510, as amended), or
c) certification of the insurer’s coverage of the costs of medical treatment in the Republic of Poland for the minimum sum of EUR 30 000

Practical advice: All questions regarding admission rules, fees, dates and documents should be sent to the University Admissions Office: